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Partner With Us

Partner With Us

Donations in the United States are tax-deductible.

We NEVER give away your email address to anyone. Nor do we use it to bother you with emails. We don’t want to. And, we do not have the time.
By donating funds, you are partnering with us to do something very significant for God. All of us are so thankful for God the Father’s gracious gift of His Son Jesus to be our Savior that we work together for His glory.

Almost all money donated will go to letting the world know about eternal life now and in heaven through Jesus’ sacrificial and substitutionary death and resurrection for our benefit. Our aim is to make at least 80% of donations to help others found our resources, include the costs of placing the material on our three websites (,, and The other 20% or less will go to our minimal administrative and equipment costs.

Donations can be sent by check or money order to the Lamb’s Bride Project, 1339 N. 31st. Circle, Colorado Springs CO 80904. They should be made out to the “Lamb’s Bride Project”.

The Lamb’s Bride Project is a 503C nonprofit corporation and donations are tax deductible.