Living Out Heaven’s Hope Today

Eternity is closer than you think.


Build the Eternal Phase of Your Life

Heaven Beckons is a non-profit Christian ministry under The Lamb’s Bride Project, Inc. that was established in Colorado in 1985 by Dick Wulf. In 2015, God revealed to Dick that there were four critical aspects of building our faith through relationships (friendships, families, and marriages), something he coined as “faith together”. These types of relationships transform us more into Christlikeness (godliness); infuse our lifestyle with worship; defeat evil and the devil; and ultimately prepare us for heaven to glorify God more and enhance our eternal lives there.

A faithful servant of the Lord Jesus, Dick devoted himself to record these revelations during his last days on earth. In 2021 God called him home to heaven.

We’ve assembled and compiled these recordings into a curriculum to prepare your heart for eternity!

“For the 20 years I’ve known Dick as a friend, he has always proven to have a big heart for families near and far, and he’s full of innovative ideas on how to help them. If you decide to use any of the resources he is offering, be assured that he will do right by you!”

- Ray Seldomridge

“I have known Dick and observed his work and benefitted from his supervision for over 32 years. I have used tools that he has created and counsel that he has given to a great benefit for the people with whom I work. I trust his insights implicitly.”

- Bob Johnson

M.Div. M.A., Pastor

“I have known Dick Wulf for almost 30 years. I have found him always to be a man of high integrity with a genuine desire to help others. He has helped me and my family to grow closer to one another and to God. He has a strong God-given commitment to help families, and I am honored to be able to participate in this effort.”

- Patty McDowell