Preparing for Heaven

Building the Eternal Phase of Your Life

Instructions for Course Three

by Dick Wulf | Course Three

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Let me remind you that this is a personal message from me to you.  I am not an actor, so the recording will not be professional without occasional noises such as my catching my breath because of the cancer medication, a loud car going by my home, or my clearing my throat.  Please overlook such noises.  There are not many of them.

It is important that you not use these audio files just to learn.  Learning about faith does not go far enough to change you to be more like Jesus and prepare you for heaven.  Faith has to become a part of your thoughts, feelings and behaviors – in order to change your spirit.  Your thoughts, feelings, and actions, not your knowledge, reveal who you really are –  the nature of your spirit that goes to heaven.

This Getting Ready to Go Home to Heaven curriculum will provide knowledge for you to use in changing the way you think, the way you feel, and the way you act.  In other words, it will help your spirit to change so that you can be more ready for heaven by being more like Jesus.

Each of the four courses was designed to take four months before you go on to the next course.  Growth of your spirit takes time and committed effort, just as building muscles at the gym or playing more difficult pieces on the piano.  Listening, meditating, and seeking the Holy Spirit’s help 15 minutes a day for 3 to 7 days a week for each audio file will have the best chance at changing your spirit for heaven.  You will then be able to glorify God more because your spirit is more like Jesus – and you will have enhanced every day you will spend in heaven.

As I said before, just listening is not enough to change your spirit.  It should take you sixteen months to go through all four courses – time spent that yields eternal results.  After that, take 4 months off if you wish and then do it all over again.  If you did this year after year for a hundred years, you would never exhaust the opportunity to change to be even more like Jesus.  Remember, it is not you doing the work alone, God is at work conforming you to the image of His Son Jesus, just as it says in Romans 8:29.

Each time you listen, allow the Holy Spirit to develop your spirit to be a little more like Jesus.  Search for some ways you need to think, feel and act differently – more like Jesus would think, feel and act.  If nothing comes to mind, ask the Lord to help you identify at least one specific thing to change in your thinking and emotions.  Ask those Christians you are close to and trust to help you.  And do with other Christians the specific Together about which you are listening.

Often you will learn how to change your spirit with regard to some aspect of Jesus’ spirit, but God will not immediately bring into your life a situation that creates the opportunity.  However, having listened and meditated about a Together of Scripture, you will more easily recognize when God presents to you the opportunity to obey and have your spirit transformed.

Jesus taught in parables how the kingdom of heaven is likened to something a person would sell all possessions to buy.  This time you will be spending will be to maximize your possession of the kingdom of heaven – piece by piece.  Think about how priceless it is to get yourself, your spirit, the deep part of who you are, ready for heaven.  You cannot hurry it – you must spend time listening and letting what you hear sink into your spirit.

Remember, you are doing this so that you can give God more glory throughout all eternity as well as expand your forever experience in heaven.

There is much more to read, free of cost, about each Together you will hear about.  Just click the prompt next to the sound bar and you will be taken to where my 900-page manuscript and its 65 chapters are posted.  The click will take you to an average of 12 pages to read about the specific Together you are learning about.

You are about to start on Course Three.  As I said before, there are four courses to this curriculum in order to help you prepare for heaven using all 65 of the Togethers of Scripture. 

May God bless every minute you listen and meditate and act differently so that you grow to be more like Jesus and, thereby, prepare for heaven.